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As the former site of the Yogyakarta Royal Residence and orchid gardens, the iconic Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta is one of Jogja’s most prestigious venues for meetings, conferences and MICE events. A lavish architectural landmark that has been meticulously updated with modern conference technology, the award-winning hotel reflects its original regal splendour whilst redefining standards for contemporary style and 5-star amenities.

Catering to events ranging from 20 to 2.000 persons, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta captivates guests with luxurious accommodation, sophisticated meeting room facilities and one of the grandest ballrooms in Yogyakarta. 

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The Kasultanan Ballroom

One of the largest pillarless hotel ballrooms in Yogyakarta, this venue features 9.5 metre ceilings, a pre-function room and a luxurious design.

Situated in the front garden, this 1,500 square-metres ballroom has its independent entrance and receptionist. Facilities include a built-in large stage, a pre-function room and high technology devices. The newly renovated ballroom is steeped in historical grandeur, which can be divided into three partitions. It also features a high ceiling, spacious foyers and state-of-the-art technology.

Located on the second floor, it can accommodate up to up to 2.000 persons. Also, this room is suitable for grand meetings, conventions, social gatherings, conferences, product launchings, exhibitions, weddings or private events.

The Karaton Ballroom

Boasting marvellous customised chandeliers, the newly renovated The Karaton Ballroom is 608 square-metres in size with a historical grandeur and can be divided into two sections. It also features 6 metres high ceiling, a spacious foyer and state-of-the-art technology. Located on the eighth floor and connected with the Executive Lounge for the VIP transit area, it can accommodate up to 750 persons.

In the old days, this ballroom had attracted the attention of high society to held lavish private parties. Today, the tradition continues. This nostalgic and historic ballroom has been painstakingly renovated, simply to keep the tradition alive.


Located on the eighth floor and on the same area as the Executive Lounge, this beautiful space faces the city landscape from the balcony and the sacred Merapi volcano at the pre-function area. It also offers a private meeting area. Consisting of four function rooms with the same size at 64 square-metres, it can accommodate up to 40 persons per room.


Located on the second floor and connected with the pre-function space of the Kasultanan Ballroom, this is a flexible venue for a wide variety of gatherings. With its 306 square-metres in size, it has the capacity to fit up to 150 persons.


Located on the second floor and facing the Royal Garden & Pool, Trajumas consists of two rooms with sizes of 40 square-metres and 48 square-metres respectively. Also, it can comfortably suit up to 30 persons.


Situated on the second floor with a balcony overlooking the pool, garden and sacred Merapi volcano, this 72-square-metre venue offers enough room for up to 40 persons, perfect fit for secretariat room or breakout for large conference with easy access to the lobby as well as The Kasultanan Ballroom through Kencana meeting room.


Located on the second floor and facing a beautiful view of the front garden, this 48 square-metre meeting space consists of two rooms of the same size and a private balcony overlooking to the front garden of the hotel. It accommodates up to 30 persons per room.

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The Kasultanan Ballroom at Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo, Indonesia