Ladosan Dhahar

Royal Ambarrukmo host Ladosan Dhahar Kembul Bujana as lunch or dinner at the heritage site, Bale Kambang, for our distinguished guests who want to experience the royal family's favorite dishes in unique vibes and remarkable way. Bale Kambang laid at the backside of Kedaton Ambarrukmo, which was built in 1857 and used to be a Royal Residence of King Hamengku Buwono VII soon after his abdication, is for sure the highlight of the vicinity. Today, it is made available for the public to feel the experience of Royal living. Following the building principles of Javanese Architecture, the Kedaton comprised lunch or dinner like a King. Guests will be dressing up in Javanese costumes, with a minimum of 6 pax, and need advance reservation.