Traditional Dance Lesson in Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

Royal Moment

Discover for an exceptional and exclusive moment adapting the Yogyakarta Royal Family fancy traditions; immerse yourself in a journey of the Royal family routines and traditions. Patehan the Royal High Tea ceremony and witness the traditional archery, Caos Dhahar a royal family rijsttafel lunch or dinner at the heritage site and join the daily cultural activities as such traditional dance, archery, and bamboo flute class.


The Royal High Tea

Authentic experience of comprehensive procedures of traditional tea ceremony at the Sultan Palace. Starting with a procession of Abdi Dalem (Royal servants) dressed in traditional Royal costume in a parade and pouring tea with appreciation towards participant and a prayer to the earth harmony. Experience a session of the regal life like a Royalty with an afternoon tea ritual at The Pendopo Agung or Bale Kambang. Witness the traditional archery “Jemparingan” also comes as an authentic attraction to be witnesses

Every Friday at 4 PM or by reservation in advance for groups outside Friday to / +62 274 488 488 or direct to our reception desk.

Ladosan Dhahar

Royal Javanese Rijsttafel

Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta hosts one of a kind venue for mindful events

Kedaton Ambarrukmo Heritage Sites, which was built in 1857 and used to be a Royal Residence of King Hamengku Buwono VII soon after his abdication, is for sure the highlight of the vicinity. Today, it is made available for public to feel the experience of Royal living like. Following the building principals of Javanese Architecture, the Kedaton comprised of dining like Royal Family.
Royal luncheon or dinner ceremony offering an exceptional experience of serving special dishes begins with the ‘Jodhang’ ceremony, a breathtaking procession of Royal Servants dressed in the actual ‘Abdi Dalem’ costume, carrying a ‘Jodhang’ (wooden box to carry the meals & offerings) containing delicacy of Sultan’s favourite dishes, which will bring the memory back to the past on how a Royal Servants used to serve their King. 

Pendopo Activity

Today, in the attempt to maintain the Pendopo Agung Ambarrukmo heritage site and preserve its authentic spirit and Javanese hospitality, the site is restored and kept alive with cultural performances, and community activities. Weekly cultural, ceremony and lifestyle are include Bamboo Flute class every Monday at 4 PM, Classic Javanese Dance Class every Tuesday and Thursday for adults at 4 PM, Javanese Creation Dance for Kids every Wednesday afternoon at 4 PM,  Jemparingan archery, and Patehan Royal Hi-Tea every Friday at 3 PM at Pendopo, Morning Yoga at Bale Kambang on Saturday and Sunday at 7 AM, and Kids Violin Chamber every Sunday at 4 PM at Gadri. 

Free to join the Pendopo Activity for in-house guests.